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    MDX Photography student’s work selected for 'It’s Nice That' showcase.



    MDX student Sophie Mayanne has had her impressive portfolio on the notions of self-expression selected as part of the the annual graduation showcase.

    Her work, titled Fitting Inside a Box Would Be Real Nice was inspired by the posters that once covered her walls when she was young. "Each portrait cultivates our need to be constantly tuned in… taking the social feeds of now back to the posters that once hung and fell from the walls."

    Her initial project involved a 365 days' worth of self-portraits. At day 211 she began to realise this was no longer what she wanted to explore and began to focus on capturing her flatmates and friends.

     "After saying yes to a number of things I wasn't 100% into, I was starting to produce images I really disliked."

    Once she realised this, and really began focusing on what she wanted to do, she produced some truly stunning work. "I learned that following my own ideas, creativity and path was integral… And the images that have a piece of you in them are always going to be the best ones you take."

    She hopes to be able to travel the world and explore a whole magnitude experiences and photographic possibilities.

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