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    Middlesex University is committed to supporting graduates as they prepare to embark on their future careers.

    We are proud of the achievements of our students, many of whom are celebrating at their graduation ceremonies this week. Middlesex University would like to convey the message that we will continue to support our graduates as they respond to life’s challenges and opportunities to successfully secure graduate employmentowl postcard

    Whether our students live in the UK or return to their home country after studying with us as an international student, Middlesex University will continue to offer free employment support for life. This includes access to thousands of jobs and resources at , CV checks and and 1-1 support through email, telephone or skype or support to help you start a business or become self-employed.

    Contact the Employability Service to receive support.

    For CV checks and guidance: , 01707 398293 or skype: mdx.employability

    To access jobs and resources:

    To request an academic reference:

    We would also like to hear about your employment success via our Graduate Destination Survey sent out in 6 months' time. If your contact details change, please email Claire Yates-Wedge:

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