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    Guest tickets

    Information on guest tickets, extra tickets and refunds.

    • Guest Tickets

      • How Many Tickets Can I Have?

        A maximum of two guest tickets at £30 each can be booked by the deadline of 4pm on 1st December. Tickets are not transferable to future ceremonies and tickets can be cancelled online up to 4pm on 8th December.  No refunds are offered after this date or for graduates or guests that do not turn up on the day of the ceremony.

      • Do Children Need a Ticket?

        Children and babies aged 6 years and under are not permitted into the venue where the ceremonies take place and alternative arrangements must be made for them.  Children aged 6 and over need their own seat in the ceremony and there are no discounts given on ticket price. If you arrive with a child under the age of 5 and are unable to use your guest ticket we will not offer a refund.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

      • How do I get my tickets?

        Tickets can be collected from registration on the day of your ceremony. You must bring photo id and your confirmation email as proof of your registration to collect your tickets.  Lost tickets will not be replaced or reimbursed.

      • Is there anywhere for guests who don’t have tickets to watch the ceremony?

        Ceremonies are shown on a video link in the cafe at the venue.

      • Refunds

        Refunds on guest tickets can be made up to 4pm on 8th December by going on-line and cancelling your booking. After this date refunds can not be made if you decide not to attend.

        Refunds can not be made if your guests do not turn up or can not make the ceremony. If you or your guest requires a visa and the visa is refused you must cancel your tickets online by 8th December

        If you are ill on the day of your ceremony and can provide medical evidence a refund may be made in exceptional circumstances. Please contact the graduation office for further instructions by 15th December.

      • Will I be seated with my guests?

        Graduates are seated in pre-assigned seats on level 3. Guests will be shown to a seat by an usher. Guests with disabilities will have reserved seating provided we are notified of the request at the time of registration

      • One of my guests has a disability – can you accommodate them?

        At the time of registration you will be asked whether you have any special requirements that we should be made aware of. Please give as much information as possible and we will try and accommodate your request.

      • Can I have extra tickets and how much are they?

        Extra tickets are not guaranteed, very limited and available on a first come first served basis from 1pm on 4th December. The number available may vary from ceremony to ceremony – you are advised not to make arrangements on the assumption you will receive extra tickets.  Extra tickets cost £30 each.  If you did not register to attend the ceremonies by the deadline of 1st December you will be unable to access any extra tickets we may have.

      • How do I apply for extra tickets?

        If we have any extra tickets they will be available on a first come first served basis for £30 each from 1pm on 4th December by logging back into the registration pages at

      • Can I get extra tickets on the day of my ceremony?

        All tickets must have been pre-purchased , and there will be no extra tickets available for sale on the door. As the event is being held at an external venue we are obliged to follow their established health and safety protocols as regards to maximum numbers, so we will be unable to make any exceptions.

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