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    One-to-one Tutorials

    One-to-one LET Tutorials are private meetings, usually for 30 minutes, with one of our LET lecturers. You can use an One-to-one LET Tutorial to ask any questions you have about your studying here at Middlesex, particularly regarding academic communication and/or use of mathematics and statistics in your studies.

    If you are unable to book an One-to-one LET Tutorial, please contact us ( immediately and we will try to set one up for you.

    The links below will take you through to the relevant calendars on our booking system. Please select your school for AWL Tutorials or the topic area for MSN Tutorials! Unsure which link to use? Please contact us at

    Academic Writing & Language (AWL) Tutorials for...Maths, Stats and Numeracy (MSN) Tutorials for...
    (from 30th May - October)
    Numeracy - Drug Calculations
     Maths and Statistics

    Please note that from Tuesday 30th May, we are moving over to our Summer AWL Tutorial schedule, during which we will not be offering School-specific AWL Tutorials; this means instead there will be a weekly schedule of AWL Tutorial slots open to all students every week through until October 2017.

    Key points about One-to-one LET Tutorials:

    • They are private
    • They need to be booked in advance
    • They are usually 30 minutes long
    • We offer one-to-ones for AWL [Academic Writing and Language] and MSN [Maths, Stats and Numeracy]
    • There is very high demand for One-to-one LET Tutorials, so please tell us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to change or cancel an appointment. You can do this by email
    • Please note that we do not offer a proof-reading service in One-to-one LET Tutorials– see beneath


    Please note that we do not offer a proof-reading service. You can certainly bring in drafts of your work to an One-to-one AWL Tutorial, and the AWL lecturer will look at your work with you. But s/he will not correct all your work for you – that's your job! Instead s/he will give an overall evaluation of your work, and probably pinpoint various specific issues you can improve, such as structure, organisation, argumentation, criticality, paragraphing, referencing or particular areas of grammar or style.

    Group LET Tutorials

    We also offer Group LET Tutorials– these are for students doing groupwork together, or who are wanting to discuss the same topic/s; these are usually for 60 minutes. Please contact us if you would like one of our Group LET Tutorials.

    Drop-in One-to-ones:

    • Academic Writing and Language (Getting your Assignment Ready)
    • Maths, Stats and Numeracy - Currently closed for summer

    For more information including days, times and location please click here.

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