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    Library support for disabled students

    Welcome to the Sheppard Library information page for students with disabilities/special needs. Here you will find information on the various types of support we provide, and useful links to other sources of help and information both within and outside the University. Please feel free to approach any member of our Library staff and we will be happy to offer practical help, advice, or point you in the right direction.

    • Support for disabled students

      • How to register a disability with the library

        Once you have enrolled as a Middlesex student, the first point of contact is the Disability and Dyslexia Service (DDS). You can make an appointment with a Disability Advisor by telephoning: 020 84112502 or Email:

        Alternatively you can use the drop-in service between 1pm and 2pm in Pod 15 at the Sheppard Library.
        Please wait in the seated waiting area for Pods 9-22 on the ground floor of the Sheppard Library.

        Please note, students do not have to use the ticketing system for this service.

        Disability and Dyslexia Support are now located in Sunny Hill House. Further details are available on the Disability and Dyslexia Support page

        Once you have registered with DDS and consented for your registration to be disclosed to the Library, the Library Operations Team will be contacted so you receive the appropriate privileges on your library account (see .Borrowing and request privileges in the Library System' below).

      • Physical access for disabled students

        Accessible parking:
        There are four dedicated spaces at the rear of the Sheppard Library for disabled blue badge holders and a limited number of spaces for pre-arranged visits (including for conferences and events). Blue badge holders who will regularly need to park on site should register with DDS who will then seek agreement from Estates.

        Entering the building:
        There are two entrances to the Sheppard Library. One is at the front of the building; for wheelchair users the receptionist will open the gate beside the turnstiles. The other is at the rear of the building by the car park, next to the Circle Café. There is a lift from here to the ground floor entrance.

        As well as the lift adjacent to the Circle Café, there is also a lift in the Library foyer, just to the left of the entrance. This provides access to all floors, and has signs in Braille.

        There are student toilets in the wing on every floor of the library, including a separate toilet with facilities for disabled students.

        Emergency procedures:
        Disabled students should complete the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan self-assessment form which can be downloaded from the safety on campus page and submit it to the Disability and Dyslexia Service, when joining the University.

        Useful link:
        disabledGo website,
        giving disabled access information for when you are out and about.

      • Practical help and equipment offered within the Library:
        1. One-to-One tours of the library.
        2. A pull service for students needing books retrieved.
        3. Accompany students to help retrieve books from the shelves
        4. Accompany students to retrieve laptops from cabinets
        5. A variable height desk in Williams
        6. All open access areas are wheelchair accessible
        7. Braille in lifts for visually impaired students
        8. Ergonomic chair by request from the Library Operations Team
        9. Items available for 3 hour loan from the Unihelpdesk, for use within the Library:
          Item and number:
          Digital voice/audio recorder:   3
          Ergonomic keyboards: High vis/Large print keyboards:  3
          Ergonomic mice: Trackball mice:  3
          Writing slopes: 2
          Document holders/bookrests: 1
          Coloured overlays & reader ruler: 2
          Magnifying sheets: 3
          Daylight table lamps: 3
          Wrist supports: 3
          Laptop/ipad stands: 2
      • How to contact the library:

        For general enquiries, our contact number is 0208 411 6060.

        While you are in the Library, you can call for assistance on 07785 447 466.

        Telephone numbers and email addresses for specific members of staff can be found on libguides and on the library contacts page.

      • Assistive technology:
        • -- Read and Write gold software for dyslexic students
        • -- Microsoft Ease of Access Centre on PCs including:
          • - Visual alternatives for sounds
          • - Text to speech instead of visual display
          • - On-screen keyboard
          • - Speech recognition/pointer instead of mouse/keyboard- can dictate text
          • - Onscreen magnifier
          • - Windows narrator
          • - Link to learning about additional assistive technologies online
        • -- Macs have accessible features already built in:
          • - Vision: VoiceOver informs visually impaired users about activity on their device
          • - Hearing: Communicate using sign language and facial expressions via FaceTime video calls
          • - Physical and motor skills: Enter common Multi-Touch gestures using AssistiveTouch
          • - Learning and literacy: Guided Access in iOS helps those with cognitive disabilities stay focused on a single app
      • Borrowing and request privileges in the library system:

        Once you have registered with DDS, they will email your name and student ID number to the Library Operations Team and your library account will be set up with the appropriate privileges:


        • -- You may have a maximum of 10 items on your requests list at any one time.
        • -- You will be allowed 14 days in which to collect your requested item.

        Extended Loans

        • -- 2 day loans issue for 4 days (non-renewable)
        • -- 7 day loans issue and renew for 14 days
        • -- 14 day loans issue and renew for 28 days
        • -- Teaching Resources loans issue and renew for 28 days
        • -- Laptops from cabinets issue for 48 hours
      • Accessible copies

        Accessible Copies

        The library offers a range of assistive technology to enable all students to access our resources, in addition many ebooks have features such as zoom and ‘read aloud’ built in.

        Where an ebook of the text is not available, or accessible, students who have been assessed and referred by the Disability and Dyslexia Service may request for texts to be supplied in an alternative format, either via RNIB UK Education Collection at or direct from the publisher.  Please contact the Disability Support Liaison Librarian, Ruth Houghton for further details.

        It can take several weeks to supply alternative format texts as timing depends on the publisher, so please ensure that all requests are submitted in good time.  Once we receive your request we will confirm receipt and inform you of its progress and any delays by email.  If we are unable to fulfil your request, you will be informed as soon as possible.

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