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    Progression and Support Advisors

    As Progression and Support Advisors, we are dedicated to helping all students’ progress to their next year and successfully complete their studies. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service that meets the individual needs of every student. We aim to do this by providing accurate information, support, and advice in a non-judgmental, confidential and welcoming environment.

    We focus on helping students progress by working with programme leaders and academics to support all students. We don’t just work by referrals from academics, but we also use data such as attendance and My Learning access to identify students who may need additional support.

    Progression and Support Advisors are here to help you from Welcome to Graduation by:

    • Giving you advice and support if you find you are experiencing difficulties that are affecting your ability to study
    • Ensuring you have a complete and correct academic programme
    • Helping you interpret and understand the university regulations

    How we can help

    Progression and Support Advisors will contact you throughout the year to inform you of:

    • Any issues that may affect your progression.
    • Events important to your academic success
    • Ways of improving your academic achievement

    As a team we do our best to provide an accurate and swift resolution and will sometimes liaise on your behalf with academic staff and may refer you to another service to help you resolve your problem with minimal disruption to your programme. We can provide guidance on the following areas:

    • Giving you advice and support if you find you are experiencing difficulties that are effecting your ability to study
    • Issues relating to your attendance and engagement
    • Help you understand and Interpret University and programme regulations.
    • Temporary or permanent withdrawal.
    • Transfer of programme/pathway.
    • Change of Mode (Part-Time/Full-Time).
    • Liaise with academic staff.
    • Liaise with support services and academic registry.
    • Refer you to the best service to help you with your query.

    Below are some useful links

    Academic Calendar

    How to contact us?

    Online query

    By submitting an online query with three simple clicks you don’t need to worry about having the wrong email address, our UniHelp Team will ensure your message gets through to the right team.

    How to submit a query


    If you have an urgent query phone is the best way to contact us as we are likely to be able to resolve your query promptly. You can call us on 02084114423 during our general working hours which are 9-5 Monday to Friday. For urgent queries outside of this time please call 02084116060 and our Unihelp Team will provide advice and liaise with the relevant Progression and Support Advisors we are back on duty.


    We have appointments to meet with students too. Often we will encourage a conversation by phone or online query before arranging an appointment so we can work on the most effective resolution for you. To request an appointment simply give us a call or click here and if we can’t help you in either of those formats we will arrange an appointment.

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