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    Research Training and Development

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    We offer a variety of events and training programmes for our postgraduate research students. These aim to connect students with like minded colleagues, as well as assisting and enabling them to become more effective as researchers.

    Researcher Development Programme

    The Researcher Development Programme is a series of seminars available to the Middlesex research degrees community. It complements the discipline specific research development seminars which are offered in faculties/schools. The programme consists of sessions focusing on specific skills and resources students will need on their research journey and will provide them with the opportunity to meet other researchers, share ideas and network. Attendance at these workshops is valuable to students' personal development, research journey and successful completion of the research programme.

    The sessions are delivered by academics from across the university with specialist knowledge in these areas. They are delivered face to face on our Hendon campus, as well as via webinar.

    Full details of the upcoming sessions can be found here.

    Research Retreats

    MDX Research Students’ Research Retreat is about escaping the day-to-day distractions of emails, phones, social media, students, marking etc etc and having the time and space to bury yourself in researching the literature and find ideas and information to move your research decisively forwards. You can use this day to ensure you have enough reading so you are ready for the next Writing Retreat, normally scheduled for the following week.

    DateLink to Sign-Up
    Friday 16th February 2018

    To sign up for the 16th February 2018, please click here

    Friday 8th June 2018

    To sign up for the 8th June 2018, please click here

    Tuesday 3rd July 2018

    To sign up for the 3rd July 208, please click here

    Friday 10th August 2018

    To sign up for the 10th August 2018, please click here

    Writing Retreats

    Finding the time and space to concentrate on research and writing and progress towards completion of a Research Degree can be very demanding at the best of times; this is particularly the case for people juggling their Research Degree with work and/or family commitments. And for those with a strong commitment to social media!

    Writing Retreats are designed and run in partnership between the LET [Learning Enhancement Team], the Research Degrees Administration Team, and whenever possible with Research Students too. They are designed to enable participants to step into a zone in which they can spend quality focused time away from the daily distractions of work, emails, mobile phones, and social media, and dedicate themselves to writing writing and more writing. They are all about giving participants time to focus and make those decisive steps forwards in the long journey towards completing a Research Degree.

    Details of upcoming sessions are below:

    DateLink to Sign-Up

    Thursday 1st March 2018

    Friday 2nd March 2018

    To sign up for the 1st March, please click here.

    To sign up for the 2nd March, please click here.

    Thursday 21st June 2018

    Friday 22nd June 2018

    To sign up for the 21st June, please click here.

    To sign up for the 22nd June, please click here.

    Tuesday 17th July 2018

    Wednesday 18th July 2018

    To sign up for the 17th July, please click here.

    To sign up for the 18th July, please click here.

    Thursday 23rd August 2018

    Friday 24th August 2018

    To sign up for the 23rd August, please click here.

    To sign up for the 24th August, please click here.

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