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    Access cards

    Access control policy statement

    The aim of this policy is to explain the rules and regulations of the access control card system. In accordance with the universities open access policy it is necessary to restrict and monitor access in certain areas and this system facilitates this.

    • Access Card

      • Introduction

        Students and staff have a responsibility to ensure that they do not inadvertently allow unauthorised people entry whilst using their card. If staff or students are aware that this is happening they should immediately contact security who will deal with the person.

      • Purpose

        As well as being used for ID and access control, the ID cards issued can be used for library services (i.e. book borrowing), use on Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) and equipment loans (i.e. laptops).

        The access control system records all card transactions for a twelve month period. However, the information is protected under the University’s Data Protection Policy in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

      • Card Issue

        Cards are issued on the completion of an ID Card Application Form and the production of a form of photo identification (passport/driver’s licence/existing ID card). On signing the form the applicant is acknowledging that they understand and accept the Terms and Conditions of the card.

        Staff members can acquire their individual ID card from the Security Control Room (Rickett Quadrangle).

        Student cards are issued annually during induction week (Sept/Jan). They are obtained in nominated areas on campus. These locations are publicised before induction week commences.

        During regular term time, any new or replacement card can also be obtained from the Security Control Room (Rickett Quadrangle).

        Visitors and contractors can obtain a card for the day or with permission from the Head of Service/School or for a longer period if deemed necessary.

      • Card Usage

        ID cards should be visible at all times, and must be shown when requested. Failure to produce an ID card may result in the person being asked to leave the premises until verification can be confirmed.

        The ID card should be thought of as a key; cardholders are responsible for safeguarding their card. The cards are not transferrable and must not be loaned out to any other person.

        Full Terms and Conditions can be found on the ID Card Application Form.

      • Card Misuse

        ID cards are issued for an individual’s exclusive use and may not be duplicated, loaned or used to allow any unauthorised or unknown person access to a controlled area.

        Abuse of the ID card and/or non-compliance of the Terms and Conditions of issue may result in the withdrawal of the card and disciplinary and/or criminal proceedings being taken.

        Disciplinary action may be taken if a card is used in any crime resulting from misuse.

      • Lost/Stolen/Damaged Cards

        In the event that a card is lost or stolen the security department should be notified immediately in order to cancel the existing card and issue a replacement

        Cards that are damaged should also be reported to the security department so that a replacement can be issued if needed.

        An administrative cost of £10 may be charged for replacement cards.

        A replacement card can be purchased via the University’s online store.

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