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    Fire safety

    While on Campus and in Halls of Residence: 

    If you discover a fire, raise the alarm at once by:

    • Sounding the nearest fire alarm (break glass call point)
    • Leave the building immediately and report to the duty officer or security when outside

    On hearing the fire alarm:

    • Leave the building quickly and calmly by the nearest exit
    • Do not stop to collect personal belongings
    • Do not use lifts
    • If an exit is blocked, find an alternative route
    • When clear of the building report to your assembly point
    • Do not obstruct access points. Routes must be kept clear for emergency vehicles/personnel
    • Do not re-enter buildings until duty officer/senior fire officer gives all clear
    • It is an offence for improper use of a break glass. Any person found smashing a break glass for fun, to panic or cause distress will be identified and details passed to the police. Every false activation means the emergency services are called away from a situation that could be life threatening
    • Do not be afraid to use the break glass call point if you see or suspect there to be a fire within a building

    Further advice

    • Know your assembly points
    • Check your smoke detectors
    • Ensure your friends/visitors are aware of evacuation plans, assembly areas etc  

    Personal emergency evacuation plans 

    If you have difficulty getting in and out of buildings during an emergency such as a fire (for example due to a disability or medical condition) and you feel you need some assistance, please let your course tutor know or one of the following members of staff:

    School of Health and Social Science students contact Graham Shennan (Health and Safety Officer)  

    Engineering and Information School students contact Barry French (Safety Advisor)  

    School of Arts and Education students contact Tony Leon

    Business School students contact Alison Scales

    They will advise you how you can get help and assistance to evacuate University buildings or you can fill in the form and email it to them.

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