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    Security worries - what to do

    How to report a crime or a suspicious activity on campus

    If you are a victim of crime or want to notify someone of suspicious activity you've seen on campus, contact Campus watch 24 hour control room on 0208 411 6200.

    For non-emergency situations including safety or general advice about the campus, you can contact security which based in the Quad: 
    0208 411 4329


    In an emergency, dial 999. Keep calm and answer the operator's questions as clearly as you can, giving as much information as possible. If you don't know the address at which the incident occurred/is occurring, look for landmarks such as tube or train stations, schools, shops or churches.

    For non-emergency situations, contact your local police station. Click here for more details.


    Nick Wise, Head of Security

    Jamie Steed, Security Systems Supervisor

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