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    Campus Living Lab

    The green spaces within the Middlesex University campus provide a great opportunity for students and staff to spend their time outdoors, socializing and enjoying nature.

    Green spaces benefit our mental and physical well-being. Outdoor recreation can increase our level of physical activity and reduce the risk of chronic health conditions.

    Spending time in green spaces can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, and provide a space for promoting social relations and activities.

    For these reasons we want our students and staff to enjoy green areas within the campus!

    The ‘Campus Living Lab’ project aims to raise awareness of the green spaces on campus and facilitate their use as learning and research resources, creating a healthier, greener and happier environment for students and staff.

    The first step of this project is to discover how we relate to our green spaces and what they mean to us, as well as what aspects discourage us from using them.

    The Campus Living Lab aims to ensure that the university’s green spaces (including parkland, maintained borders and planting, a bespoke medicinal plant garden and suburban gardens associated with the bungalows and Model Farm) are fully utilised by staff and students involved in the environmental science, ecology and behavioural ecology teaching and research programmes.

    Click here to find out about and contribute to our study on the use and benefits of campus green space

    Click here  to find view the campus biodiversity strategy

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