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    As a 'Fairtrade University', Middlesex is committed to promoting Fairtrade to students and staff and offers a wide range of products in its cafes and shops. Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

    Conventional trade and markets can sometimes create an uneven playing field resulting in discrimination for the poorest and weakest producers. Fairtrade addresses this injustice by providing access for these producers to world markets and requiring companies to pay a fair and sustainable price for the goods and services offered.

    To achieve Fairtrade University status, we had to accomplish five goals:

    1. to have a recognised University Fairtrade Policy,
    2. to sell Fairtrade products through the University shops,
    3. to serve Fairtrade products at all meetings,
    4. to campaign to increase awareness and understanding of Fairtrade issues with staff and students and,
    5. to establish a Fairtrade Steering Group to co-ordinate and promote our Fairtrade campaign.

    MDX, in partnership with MDXSU and our catering partner Chartwells, promotes the use of Fairtrade products and supports consumption of Fairtrade across the University.

    Chartwells support the Fairtrade Foundation and will continue to support Middlesex by increasing both the Fairtrade products available on campus.

    Fairtrade tea and coffee is served at all meetings hosted by the University and MDXSU at our London campus. We have also made the promise that we will campaign for more Fairtrade consumption on campus

    Please see the Fairtrade Foundation for further information.

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