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    Protecting yourself

    Cyber security can help you keep safe online

    What is Cyber Security?

    Cyber security looks at how individuals and organisations can reduce the risk of cyber attack. Cyber security’s core function is to protect all the devices we use (phones, laptops, tablets) and the services we use (online and at work) from theft or damage.

    Most importantly, it’s about preventing unauthorised access to the vast amounts of personal information we store online and on these devices.

    Stay secure online

    • Protect your email – use a strong password
    • Always install the latest software
    • Turn on two-factor authentication on your email
    • Use a password manager to help you create and remember passwords
    • Lock your phone to add an extra layer of security
    • Always back up your most important files

    Phishing emails

    Don’t click on links within an email unless you’re certain that the sender is genuine.

    So how do you spot a phishing email?

    Well, many phishing emails will have bad grammar and spelling or the design and overall quality won’t be too good. Often these emails won’t address you by name or will ask you to act urgently. Also, if the email is offering something that sounds too good to be true… it probably is!

    If you experience any issues relating to cyber security, please contact UniHelp and they’ll assist you.

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