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    How organisations really work and how to succeed inside these complex systems

    Event information

    START DATE 27 April 2018
    START TIME 10:00
    END DATE 27 April 2018
    END TIME 12:00

    Dr Marc Kahn will explain the hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) realities of organisational life by explaining the underlying mechanisms that actually drive organisational systems.

    Dr Marc Kahn will share how you can effectively operate as an individual inside these often confusing and sometimes difficult environments. Marc gives us an account of his life experience in organisations so that you, as students, are better prepared for interviews and for getting on inside an organisation once you are there.

    We are delighted that someone as experienced in the business world as Marc also has a great interest in the development of young people into careers. He believes that many graduates, no matter what their award level, often arrive at interviews unprepared as they know little about large competitive organisations and their cultures, making it a challenge for young people and recent graduates, to translate themselves into such work worlds.

    Marc will focus on how big organisations are collections of living communities who negotiate with and between each other.

    Key Takeaways:

    • The challenges affecting young people and graduates in getting into the workplace
    • Interviewing with a large organisation
    • Settling in to a large organisation once you have a job


    Dr Marc Kahn is the Global Head of Human Resources & Organisation Development for Investec Plc, a FTSE 250 financial services company with offices in 42 locations and over 10000 employees. He is a Chartered Business Coach, clinical psychologist and the author of "Coaching on the Axis: Working with Complexity in Business and Executive Coaching" (2014) London: Karnac.

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