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    Kurdish Migration Conference 2017

    Event information

    START DATE 15 June 2017
    START TIME 09:00
    LOCATION The Boardroom C219-20 and the 2nd Floor Mezzanine College Building, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT
    END DATE 16 June 2017
    END TIME 17:00

    Kurdish Migration Conference 2017 Globalisation, Diaspora and Transnational Belonging June 15-16, 2017, Middlesex University, London, Room C219-20, College Building, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4TD. Keynote speakers: Professor Joshua Castellino (Middlesex University, London) Dr Osten Wahlbeck (University of Helsinki, Finland)

    Following the success of the first international Kurdish migration conference (KMC) held in 2016 at Middlesex University (London) and the strong interest and participation by the international scholarly community, the 2nd KMC will be held at Middlesex University on 15 and 16 June 2017.

    Displacement and forced migration have a distinct meaning and significance in the history of the Middle East. In recent years, the political and economic instability of the area, together with the repressive and coercive policies of most regional states and their international allies, the marginalisation of minority groups and the rise of fundamentalist movements, continue causing permanent crises, fuelling displacements and forced migrations. Millions of people have lost their homes and livelihood and were forced to seek a safe haven either in the neighbouring countries or taking a long and dangerous journey to Europe. The images of drowned three-year-old Kurdish boy Alan Kurdi in the Aegean Sea, mass killing of Yazidis and Syrian nationals, displacements of religious and ethnic minorities made global headlines without any effect. Similarly to its neighbouring countries, today the Kurdistan Region in Iraq hosts some 1.8 million refugees from Syria and internally displaced persons. A considerable number of refugees and displaced people are also hosted by the Kurdish Cantons in Rojava (Kurdish region in Syria) and by municipalities in the Kurdish Region of Turkey. Far away from the homeland, the over 2 million Kurds living in Europe, the USA, Canada, Former Soviet republics and other countries are following with great concern the events in the Middle East. Since the 1980s, the Kurdish diaspora in the Western has played an important role, recreating new Kurdish diasporic spaces in settlement countries while simultaneously reconnecting to their home country and making the question of Kurdistan a transnational political issue through their political engagement, media and cultural production and activism. However, what is the relationship of the Kurdish diaspora with the contemporary challenges and conflicts in and around Kurdistan? What kind of exchanges and interactions are taking place? How do Kurds relate with new refugees and displaced people living in Kurdistan, the Middle East and Europe?

    Moreover, what are the experiences of the Kurdish diaspora in countries where hostility and discrimination towards immigrants are alarmingly on the rise? The Kurdish Migration Conference 2017 aims to bring together researchers from a range of disciplines working on Kurdish migration to discuss these and other relevant questions and to exchange their views and findings about all aspects of migration from, through and into Kurdistan, as well as about the experiences of diasporic communities and second generations abroad.

    Registration fee: £ 50

    Discount fee for students (undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral): £ 25

    For more information, please contact the conference organisers:  Dr Janroj Yilmaz Keles: J.Keles@mdx.ac.uk and Dr Alessio D’Angelo: A.Dangelo@mdx.a.uk

    To submit your abstract go to https://mdxmigration.wordpress.com/kmc2017/

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