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    Negotiating the Technological Sublime: DeLillo’s and Antonioni’s Murder Mysteries

    Event information

    START DATE 15 March 2018
    START TIME 15:00
    LOCATION College Building CG43
    END DATE 15 March 2018
    END TIME 17:00

    All Middlesex University students and staff are welcome to attend this open lecture by Dr Aleksandra Vukotić from the University of Belgrade, Serbia

    Staff Teaching WeekHave we placed too much faith in reason and technology? Is technology our fantasy? As we rely more and more on technological advancements and innovations, do we move away from the factual reality towards fiction and illusion? Is our wish to explain away the mysteries of our time through science and technology ultimately a death wish? Or, as a character notes in DeLillo’s Zero K, does technology have a death wish?

    Michelangelo Antonioni, one of the most influential filmmakers of the 20th century, and Don DeLillo, one of the greatest contemporary American novelists, have repeatedly addressed these questions in their works, examining what happens with the human need for the marvellous and the sublime in the world of technology which promises revelations of all mysteries.

    We will discuss this topic through examples from Antonioni’s cult film Blow-Up (1966) and DeLillo’s novels Libra (1988), Underworld (1997) and Falling Man (2007), focusing on the characters’ fascination with dead bodies caught on film and photograph.

    Read more from Dr Aleksandra Vukotić on this open lecture.

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