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    Respect and inclusivity

    Event information

    START DATE 03 May 2017
    START TIME 17:15
    LOCATION College House - C223
    END DATE 03 May 2017
    END TIME 18:45

    This `respect and inclusivity for all` session, gives insight to a study conducted by Dr Doirean Wilson that explored cultural meanings of respect and how these meanings manifest in behaviours that influences how we perceive, interact and communicate with others of difference in and out of the classroom.

    This study revealed that respect is culturally situated, and is a core commonly shared value for all that we take for granted. What was also identified is that we give others our respect, but do not realise that we expect our respect back, which in another culture can mean disrespect, so when this (disrespect) occurs, we assume it is deliberate, which is often not the case. Dr Wilson made evident that disrespect, which is a primary cause of most conflict situations particularly among those working together with others of difference, can be addressed to promote harmonious working relationships and inclusion for all, by promoting greater understanding of cultural meanings of respect.

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