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    Stories of the Broken Self

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    START DATE 15 March 2018
    START TIME 13:00
    LOCATION Ravensfield Building RV122
    END DATE 15 March 2018
    END TIME 15:00

    All Middlesex University students and staff are welcome to attend this open lecture by Dr Muhammad Furrukh Abbas Khan from Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan

    STWThe Partition of 1947 was the defining event in the modern history of the Indian subcontinent. It entailed the largest mass migration in the history of humankind and resulted in an unprecedented level of communal violence.

    Women were particularly targeted and many tens of thousands were brutalized. The “story” of Partition has largely been narrated by the States in both Pakistan and India. Dr Muhammad Furrukh Abbas Khan’s documentary provides the audience with an opportunity to hear a perspective which has been systematically erased from the State’s version of history.

    Women from a cross-section of Pakistani society talk about their experiences of living in a multi-religious society, and how the events of Partitions unravelled the bonds of love and prejudice that had existed in their societies.

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