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    Bring your creative project to life with MDXCrowdfund!

    Support students on Arts and Creative Industries courses on their business and project ideas supported by MDXCrowdfund.

    What is Crowdfunding?

    Have you got a creative idea or project requiring funding but no idea how to raise the money to make it come to life? If so, rewards-based crowdfunding might be an interesting avenue for you to explore as it can often lend itself well to creative projects.

    Rewards-based crowdfunding involves many people making small donations that add up to a larger amount, enabling a crowdfunder to deliver a project or initiative close to their heart. In return for their support, project donors receive a small gift related to the crowdfunding project. These rewards can be anything from a personalised shout out on Facebook or a mention in film credits, through to items with a monetary value (e.g. T-shirts or CDs).

    There are a number of rewards-based crowdfunding platforms out there, including Kickstarter, Indiegogo and, to name just a few of the big players. Middlesex University has its very own crowdfunding platform for students, staff and alumni – MDXCrowdfund.

    Why choose MDXCrowdfund?

    While some of the more well-known crowdfunding platforms may seem like the most appealing option, MDXCrowdfund is worth chicking as it offers a number of distinct benefits

    • Dedicated crowdfunding support. Gain 1-2-1 advice from the MDXCrowdfund team on everything from putting together your crowdfunding campaign through to how to promote it and to whom. There are also various helpful guides available through MDXCrowdfund and the team run dedicated workshops throughout the course of the year.
    • Get 100% of what you raise. Most crowdfunding platforms take a percentage of what is raised as a fee, as do donation processing systems. Middlesex University covers the costs associated with the platform and donation processing so you get 100% of the money you raise!
    • Greater promotion for your campaign. Middlesex University has an extensive network of contacts and supports. While it remains up to you to do the promotional legwork for your campaign, the MDXCrowdfund team promotes the platform and featured projects to this network.
    • Heightened trust. The fact MDXCrowdfund is run by a respected university like Middlesex University, this should help you to reassure your donors that their money will be put to good use!

    Raising funds for your creative projects with MDXCrowdfund

    Film and TV students have used MDXCrowdfund to raise the necessary funds to deliver their final year projects but the potential for other creatives to raise funds in order to deliver something related to their university course or passion project is just as great. Creative crowdfunders have successfully raised funds for anything from an art exhibition, theatre or dance initiatives, fashion collections, product development and more.

    Television Production graduate, Daniel Fisher is one of MDXCrowdfund’s many successful crowdfunders. He raised money for his final year project and commented: “Crowdfunding was a really valuable process to producing our television production. We learnt a lot from the experience and received amazing support from the MDXCrowdfund team, who were always willing to meet us when needed and provided us with great tips on budgeting for our crowdfunding campaign”

    Also sharing her successful experience with MDXCrowdfund, BA Music Business and Arts Management student, Yukiko Koiwai said the following: “MDXCrowdfund made the process of crowdfunding for my project a lot easier than I first expected. I received great support and constant feedback from the MDXCrowdfund team throughout the process– from creating the pitch and marketing my campaign to producing my crowdfunding video, they truly made it easy for me to accomplish my goal.”

    If you have a creative idea or project requiring funding, why not email the MDXCrowdfund Team and find out how you could raise funds through MDXCrowdfund.

    If you're interested, see what current students are doing on MDXCrowdfund



    Thomas and his team are a group of 3rd Television Production students here at Middlesex seeking to raise funds to support the production of their film, ‘Fluffypunk’.

    The film is an observational documentary and arts film about Jonny Fluffypunk, a character invented by Jon Seagrave a comic poet and published author.

    Jon's act deals with the human condition, social awkwardness and the effects of modern life all done with a self-deprecating wit and intelligence.

    In Jon’s words: ''Jonny Fluffypunk is a stupid name but it does sum up the ongoing dichotomy. On the one hand I'm still carrying the tattered black flag of anarchy and in the other, a bag of unsalted rice cakes and a Tibetan goats skin wind chime, so I have settled for the middle path of a sustainable nihilist.''

    Click here for more information and to pledge

    Deadline Friday 20 April

    Conformity Magazine

    Conformity Magazine is a non-profit magazine created by BA Advertising, PR and Media student Khaleel Johnson and his friends. His aim is to support young queer, trans and intersex creatives of colour and societal anomalies by creating a space to explore for them through his print magazine. In order to do so, he needs funding to produce the magazine himself as he wishes to maintain editorial and photographic control to ensure that the publication really resonates with those it seeks to reach.

    Click here for more information and to pledge

    Deadline Tuesday 1st May

    Find out more in their video

    A selection of successfully funded campaigns using MDXCrowdfund over the last few months

    So Others May Live


    Beatriz is a BA Film student, iscreating a short film about the 751 Squadron from the Portuguese Air Force. Working in an Air Force Squadron cannot possibly be easy. This is the story of the men from 751 SQN who live under the motto “So Others May Live”. These selfless and bold human beings are part of this Search and Rescue team, which saves hundreds of people every year. Having the second biggest Search and Rescue Area in the world, 751 SQN is responsible for everyone that might need help – on the sea or on land. So Others May Live is an inspiring promotional film about great humans that repeatedly put themselves in danger to save others.

    Raised £1580 from 27 donors

    Women Together


    Maria Olson and her team are a group of 2nd year BA Music Business and Arts Management students have funded a charity music event in Euston titled #WomenTogether. The event was hosted on Tuesday 20th of March at Simmons bar in Euston (London), which you can take a look at. The charity supported on the night is "Hollaback!", a global, people-powered movement looking to end harassment. We have chosen them as we feel they share our goals towards supporting women. With musicians and speakers taking part in #WomenTogether, they provide an entertaining, empowering and fun night that supports all women who have gone through harassment.

    Raised £500 from 4 donors

    Canned Tunes Presents: NOISE EATER


    Max is a 3rd year Music Business and Arts Management student looking to raise funding for his non-profit event management organisation, Canned Tunes, which aims to raise support for food banks and social causes at charity gigs in Brighton and Watford. 'Canned Tunes Presents: NOISE EATER’ operates a simple concept of ‘food-for-entry’. For both events, we will be encouraging everyone to bring three cans (non-perishable food) / toiletry donations on the night (which will be donated straight to BFB/WFB) to gain entry to the event.  We will also be accepting £3 on the door for those who don’t bring food, in order to make this event accessible to everyone.

    Raised £345 from 2 donors.

    Life Gnomemore


    Chineze van der Vos and his crew are second year BA Film students seeking to raise funds to create their final project of the year titled ‘LifeGnomemore’, a short comedy film which follows the adventures of a boy named Toby struggling to repent for his sins and earn a way to heaven. Toby wakes in a waiting room surrounded by various fatally injured people. He has a numbered ticket in his hand. He converses with the man next to him (who has a knife sticking out of his chest). He is called into the table of Ms. Reaper, who informs him his surplus of sins means he can either wait it out (1000 years), to get to heaven - or return and absolve a sin.

    Raised £205 from 7 donors.

    If you have a creative idea or project requiring funding, why not email the MDXCrowdfund Team and find out how you could raise funds through MDXCrowdfund.

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