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    Holidays on a budget

    By Magda Kania, Student Writer

    Magda shares tips on how to save money on holiday trips

    After spending hours at the library conducting research and drafting essays; after the hard work and efforts invested to achieve best grades, we can all agree we deserve some nice holidays. The challenge, though,  is how to reduce associated travelling costs while planning a holiday trip outside of London or to different country. Well, I have a few tips that may help you with planning your next vacation.A beautiful holiday spot


    I find it much cheaper to plan a  trip few months before. I’ve noticed from previous experiences that the closer the summer time is, the higher the rates so I’ve been organising my holidays to Iceland (June 2018) since November 2017. This allowed me to secure extremely cheap plane tickets and other great deals. Moreover, booking your holidays before the season starts, means you can get better deals on hostels or excursions.


    Organising group holidays have its benefits. You do not only get to spend more time with your buddies, you also spend less as the holiday costs are spread between or among the group. This means rooms are going to be cheaper, hiring a car would basically cost nothing and food shopping won’t damage your finances as much. The more the merrier, and I would add, the more economical your trip will be.Friends travelling as a group


    AirBnB is great when you have a large group and need the whole flat for yourselves. However, for solo trips, I recommend hostels. They are low-prices compared to hotels and give you an opportunity to meet great people from all over the world. I used to find the perfect hostel in Reykjavik, the capital and largest city of Iceland, and I wasn’t disappointed! Most of the hostels gives you the opportunity to cancel your booking for up to two weeks before your planned holidays, which gives you the security of not losing your money.Hostels are cost effective for solo trips


    While it’s great to travel the world and visit as many countries as possible, there are also many beautiful places locally in London or in other parts of England that are great vacation spots too. These places will also cost you less as you can find nice towns near London that would not need a plane ticket to visit.

    Hope you find these tips helpful in planning your next trip.

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