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    So…what’s so special about studying psychology at Middlesex?

    By Saman Ghafoor, psychology student

    In this latest lifestyle piece, Student Writer Saman tells us all about life as a psychology student at Middlesex

    What do people think when I tell them that I study psychology?

    Well…. it usually goes something like this….

    Although I wish I could read minds (how weird would that be?!), psychology is more about studying the human mind and determining how its functions affect our behaviour.

    Ever wonder why we behave the way we do? How eating one delicious slice of a chocolate cake can drive us to eating the entire cake (a regular occurrence for me!)?

    Why study psychology at Middlesex University?

    Well, to start with, Middlesex was ranked as the top modern university in London for psychology in the 2016 Complete University Guide.

    But there are countless reasons why I love studying psychology at Middlesex University:

    1. At Middlesex, psychology covers a broad range of different areas from biological and developmental psychology, to cognitive and social psychology. Not only can you study psychology, but you can also study psychology with a combination of subjects such as counselling skills, criminology, education and neuroscience.

    2. Throughout history, psychological theories about the different aspects of the mind are investigated through research. Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov, for example, undertook a series of experiments with dogs that revealed our behaviour can be changed using conditioning.

    Well, during your first year studying psychology at Middlesex, you get to participate in a range of research experiments - allowing you to understand the different research methods and ethics behind carrying out an investigation.

    In the third year, you then have the chance to undertake an independent research project. This time, you can make someone else the subject of your experiment!

    3. Psychology students have access to specialist laboratories fitted with state-of-the-art Mac computers. There are a range of laboratories including a psychophysiology lab, a social observation lab, a virtual reality lab, an auditory cognition lab and 12 testing cubicles dedicated specifically to carrying out research.

    4. The psychology teaching staff at Middlesex are widely published researchers who specialise in a range of different disciplines including health psychology, forensic psychology and qualitative research. I feel proud to be a part of a university where the teaching staff have such an enormous impact beyond the university by conducting research into some of the biggest issues facing our society.

    5. We are also offered work experience in the form of placements. For example, psychology with criminology students are given the opportunity to do placements in a prison! This really helps prepare us for life as graduates looking for work.

    6. Middlesex psychology graduates have gone on to pursue successful careers with initial roles as assistant psychologists, support workers and academics. Many go on to specialise in areas such as law, business management and education.
    I'm hoping to progress into the neuroscience sector.

    If, like Saman, you want to let other students know why your subject deserves to be recognised, why not write a blog for UniHub? Get in touch with us now!

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