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    Be a leader on your course

    Being a Student Voice Leader is an amazing opportunity to develop your skills, add to your CV, boost your confidence, get to know your coursemates and make changes at Middlesex that students want to see.

    Interested? Middlesex Students' Union are currently looking for Student Voice Leaders for the coming academic year.

    What is a Student Voice Leader?

    There is one Student Voice Leader for each year of every course at Middlesex. Voice Leaders act as representatives for their coursemates, listening to student ideas and issues, then working with university staff to improve your university experience. Click here for a short video where last year's Student Voice Leaders explain their job for you.

    Who can become a Student Voice Leader?

    The opportunity is open to all students, whether you're a first year or a final year, a postgrad or an international student. No experience is necessary - MDXSU will give you all the training and support you need.

    How much time will it require?

    It's a very flexible, and how much time you commit is dependent on you. Your main responsibilities are spending time getting feedback from your coursemates – whether in person, online or however works best for you - and attending one Boards of Studies meeting and one Student Voice Conference per term.

    How do I apply?

    You can nominate yourself online until Sunday 18th October, just head to and click on the link to nominate yourself. If more than one person nominates themselves for your course, your classmates will vote to decide who gets elected – MDXSU will give you plenty of tips for how to encourage people to vote for you!

    To find out more about being a Student Voice Leader, click here or email

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    • Tui Chandler Sancha 26.10.2015
      Good afternoon,

      I hope this email finds you well. I would like to remove myself from the running of being a Student Voice Leader.
      I enjoyed my time last year however I would like to focus on my studies this year.

      Manyt thanks

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