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    Free eTextbooks for your course


    Since October 2015 we have provided you with personal eTextbooks of recommended reading for your modules. These books are yours to keep – they don’t expire.

    We are the first university in the UK to offer a FREE eTextbook service to its students and as part of the scheme, you have access to FREE personal eTextbooks provided by Kortext.

    Such is the success that we have already supplied over 56188 eTextbooks to more than 1200 modules and over 70% of you have accessed and used your eTextbooks.

    Make sure you’re taking full advantage of the scheme:

    1. Get your FREE eTextbooks – follow these simple instructions here if you haven’t already
    2. If you’ve already accessed your eTextbooks take full advantage of them with these hints and tips

    Download: You can access your books online and offline by downloading to 5 different devices; take a look here

    Note Taking: No more scribbling in margins – use the highlight and note functionality see how here

    Further Hints and Tips are available here

    If you’ve forgotten how to access your eTextbooks take a look at the FAQs ask a question here or drop into the Sheppard Library 1st floor study Hub between 9 – 6pm and speak to a member of staff.

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