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    Games Design Challenge

    As part of the preparations for the new BSc/BA Games Design, we will be running a Games Design Challenge.

    Date: Thursday 28 January 2016
    Time 10:00 – 15:00
    Where: The Grove, G231
    There will be a prize (£50 in vouchers) for the winning idea.
    Food will be provided.

    Over the course of the event groups will develop an idea for a digital collaborative party game. The groups will present their ideas at the end of the session, with the winning group receiving £50 in vouchers.

    Numbers are limited, but we are keen to have you involved. If you are interested, the please register here

    Things to consider:
    · The game can be played inside or outside and must be appropriate for both children and adults.
    · You can think about using such technologies as the Occulus Rift, Kinect, mobile phones .
    · Don't worry about the technical details – it's the ideas we are interested in!

    Warning: you may be videoed and photographed!

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