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    Last week to stand to be a Student Voice Leader

    Love your course and want to get the most out of it? Love studying at Middlesex, but have ideas on how it could be better? Are there things you're less happy about, but you're not sure how to make those changes happen?

    You have until next Wednesday 19th October to put yourself forward as a Student Voice Leader, and we don't think this is an opportunity you want to miss.

    Student Voice Leaders represent their year of their course, and work closely with Middlesex University and Middlesex Students' Union to make changes that students want to see - both on their programme and at MDX more widely.

    In previous years, Voice Leaders have made deadline schedules more manageable, established new networking groups, helped set up new modules and even ensured their entire course were given dissertation supervisors when these would otherwise have not existed.

    "If you're passionate about making a difference, consider running as a Voice Leader. There are few ways to achieve any real sense of power in MDX, and although it's hardly the PM's office, a Student Voice Leader is arguably more powerful than the average student. It might be a good step for anyone with grander political aspirations too."
    - Adam Schellenberg, MSc Media Management

    As a Student Voice Leader, you'll get to know everyone on your course and develop productive relationships with your lecturers too. You'll also gain some great employability skills - from communication skills to project management - and have some amazing work experience to talk about at interviews.

    More than that, you'll have the opportunity to genuinely improve the experience of students at Middlesex, meaning you and your peers get the most out of your time here, and you leave an incredible positive legacy for students to come too.

    "It was very rewarding as I was able to get to know my cohort on an official and unofficial level. Communicating with lecturers and being invited to other official meetings really boosted my confidence and communication skills, and also taught me a lot about how the university works in relation to my course."
    - Shevon Corbett, MA Social Work

    Any student can apply to be a Student Voice Leader, and no prior experience is necessary. You'll receive all the training you need from your Students' Union, and have plenty of support from the MDXSU team and university staff too - they want you to love your course just as much as you do!

    To nominate yourself to be a Voice Leader online now, go to

    You will need to log in using your University (myUniHub) login, then submit your nomination, including a short manifesto of why you are excited to take on the role and what you want to achieve through it.

    Once nominations have closed, your coursemates will vote to decide which students get elected. Voting will take place between Monday 24th and Friday 28th October on the MDXSU website Get chatting to your classmates and tell them why you'd love their vote!

    To find out more about the Student Voice Leader role, read through our Frequently Asked Questions or download the Student Voice Leader Opportunity Profile. You can email the MDXSU Student Voice team at

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