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    LGBT History Month Series

    The School of Health and Education are collaborating with the School of Art and Design to celebrate LGBT History Month, February 2016.

    We invite you to participate in a practice exchange, by presenting a fragment of your work in a designated gallery space, in the Grove Building from 2-5pm, Friday 26th February.

    The two Schools are interested in exploring the overlap that seems to occur where art meets social justice and how individual politics inform practices, whether these engage with the cultural realm or through education and social care. By opening up a space for dialogue we hope to see where we can perhaps learn from each other and ask if creative expression and culture are in fact wellbeing issues? By sharing our intentions and motivations we hope to see where commonalities lie and also how our methods of practice differ.

    Students from each school are invited to show case a piece of work that celebrates or engages with the LGBTIQ community or associated politics (i.e. sexual and gender identity) in some way. The parameters of the invitation are broad and the participants will benefit from a supportive, cross-disciplinary audience to discuss their work or ideas with as well as the opening up of the possibility to collaborate or for mutual exchange across the schools.

    Students can choose whether to present as a group or individually and may wish to bring an idea, a reading or an image as yet unfinished to discuss with the group, of course you can also choose to present more formally. Whatever feels most relevant and comfortable.

    The format and content shared will be completely up to yourselves and we welcome creative interventions as well as work in progress and ideas your struggling with. This could include; a short film clip, a performance, a poem, images or documentation from a project or it could be a straightforward show and tell.

    Each presentation will be offered a maximum of 10 minutes, this will be followed by a discussion about the work and a broader analysis of the similarities and differences between the processes of engagement in the relevant schools.

    Please email to reserve a place to present or to discuss the idea further.

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