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    Nominations open for MDXSU Student Awards

    Do you know a student or group of students who deserve some recognition? Nominate them for an MDXSU Award!

    The MDXSU Awards take place annually, and are our way of celebrating the amazing students at Middlesex and recognising the incredible achievements they've made over the past academic year.

    There are a range of awards up for grabs, all going to students who have made an outstanding contribution to Middlesex University and to the lives of their fellow students, whether through running societies, organising events, representing their coursemates or contributing to student media.

    Nominations are open now until Wednesday 27 April
    . Your nominations will then be reviewed by a panel of judges, so remember to tell us as much as you can about the person or group you're nominating and why they deserve the award.

    To nominate a student or society now, please click here.

    All nominated students who make the final shortlist for each award will be invited to a fancy awards ceremony on the evening of Thursday 12 May, including a three course meal, entertainment and the awards themselves!

    For the winners of last year's MDXSU Awards and photos from the night, click here.

    There are nine awards which you can nominate students for in 2016:

    Outstanding Contribution to Media
    Do you know someone who devotes time and energy to the student media, making shows or films or articles that you love to hear and see? We're looking for a student who contributes to Pow magazine, radio, TV or online who:
    - Is dedicated and reliable
    - Demonstrates creativity and talent
    - Encourages or inspires others

    Best Radio Show
    Do you have a favourite show on MDXSU's Pow Radio? This award can go an individual presenter or a team. Judges will look at the following:
    - Dedication to broadcasting (someone who makes every effort to get their show out on time each week)
    - The range of content
    - Innovative methods of engaging listeners

    Best Pow! Journalist
    Have you written some seriously great stuff for Pow media this year, or read something you really enjoyed? The panel will be looking for a Pow Magazine or Pow Digital writer with:
    - Well-written, engaging content
    - Innovative, interesting or exciting articles
    - A commitment to submitting regular articles
    - Well-researched, reliable content

    Society of the Year
    What makes a good society? You tell us! This award will go to the society which has made the greatest overall contribution this year. Specifically, the following is taken into account:
    - Range of activities offered
    - Levels of engagement
    - New developments and innovations
    - Connection with the wider community (through volunteering, community engagement or collaborating with other societies or projects)

    Academic Society of the Year
    Academic societies are special to us at MDXSU – most of them are new and that means that you’re having to work really hard to get them off the ground. Go you! The winner in this category will be judged based on the same criteria as Society of the Year award, while also considering:
    - The society's relationship with course leaders/department
    - The impact your society has made on your course and learning, or changes they have made

    Best New Society
    Did a new society start within the past year that you don't know how you functioned without, or did you set up one yourself? Getting a new society off the ground is really hard work; so well done! Only societies who have been around less than one year will be considered, and judges will be looking at the same criteria as we would for the two ‘society of the year’ awards, as well as considering:
    - The efforts required to get the society off the ground
    - Relationships built in order to ensure success
    - Techniques for recruiting students

    Event of the Year
    Did you go to an event this year that you find yourself constantly reminiscing about? Whether it helped boost your confidence, develop your employability or you've just never danced so hard, get nominating! Any type of event at all will be considered, as long as it was organised by MDX students. The event could be:
    - Campaign stunt or political activity
    - A society event/party/night out
    - Fundraising or charity event
    - A trip
    - Training/networking/careers event

    Student Voice Leader of the Year
    Has your Student Voice Leader spent the year working hard to make changes for students on your course, in your school or at MDX in general? This award will be given on the basis of:
    - Engagement with students
    - Engagement with the university
    - Engagement with training and skills events offered by MDXSU
    - Positive changes made on your course or at Middlesex university

    MDXSU Student of the Year
    Sometimes, you meet people at uni who make a really lasting impact on your experience as a student or even on your life as a whole! The judges in this category are looking to say thank you to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to student life at Middlesex or in the wider world. We are looking for:
    - An excellent society leader/event organiser/campaigner/volunteer
    - Someone who has made a real positive impact at MDXSU/Middlesex university/ the wider community

    There will also be four internal awards for MDXSU student staff and interns, which are decided by MDXSU staff:

    • Student Staff member of the Year
    • Student Intern of the Year
    • MDXSU Staff Member of the Year
    • Lifetime Achievement Award
    • To nominate a student or group (or yourself!), please complete this short online form by Wednesday 27 April.

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