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    Additional security measures on campus


    We were all shocked and saddened by the recent incidents in the UK.  Unfortunately many of the issues that London is experiencing regarding safety are the same as in other major cities around the world at this time. However it is important to remember that London is a resilient city with robust security measures as well as world-class police and response services.

    In light of the recent events in London, we have reviewed our security measures across campus. Middlesex University has strong security plans in place and we are in communication with police on a regular basis to ensure we are kept updated and informed of any developments.  They have confirmed that there is no specific threat to the University.

    The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications hub (known as CSSC) is doing an invaluable job, ensuring universities, businesses and communities are kept abreast of any developments.

    From 6pm to 8am, access to campus buildings will be via ID card access only.  Some buildings have main doors that have been fitted with card readers and students will need to place access cards onto the reader to open the door.  To exit a building, please press the door release button near the door.

    We ask that students remain vigilant and report anyone or anything they find suspicious to security on 0208 411 6200.  For students living in halls of residence to report any concerns to the halls manager or halls security.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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