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    Complete the National Student Survey to get your £5 amazon voucher

    Every finalist student who completes the National Student Survey will receive a £5 amazon voucher
    You can complete the National Student Survey (NSS) online now - - all respondents will receive a £5 amazon voucher (learn how below)

    Managed independently by Ipsos MORI, the survey is completely anonymous, and the results will highlight what we're doing right at Middlesex, as well as identifying the key areas where you think we could improve.

    It gives you the chance to let future students know about your university experience. It takes a few minutes to complete and gives you the opportunity to show the world how you value your programme and university experience.

    You can see how feedback from previous National Student Surveys has improved your student experience today on the ‘Your Impact’ pages.

    If you’re not eligible to complete the NSS this year, find out how else you can provide feedback.

    Take part in our on-campus activities

    From Tuesday 6th - Thursday 8th February, there will be a number of activities taking place in the Quad to celebrate how your student feedback transforms Middlesex University.

    You will be able to complete the NSS, take part in some fun activities, learn more about Student Voice Leaders and see how student feedback has led to improvements in your student experience.

    We will also have a number of pop-up activities taking place from Monday 12th February in The Grove, MDX House and Ritterman.

    A thank you from Middlesex

    To thank students for taking time to complete the survey, during your busy final year, we are giving all respondents a £5 Amazon voucher. You can also enter our prize draw to win one of two iPads.

    Here's how to claim your voucher and enter our prize draw:

    • Once you complete the survey, you will be sent a 'thank you' confirmation email
    • Please forward this email to
    • Within a week, you will then receive an email with your £5 Amazon e-voucher
    • We will also enter you into our prize draws, which will be conducted in February and March

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