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    Guidance in the event of unexpected circumstances during your assessments

    Dear MDX Students, as we have now entered the University’s main assessment period, you are encouraged to ensure you are familiar with the information, and at the link provided, in case you find yourself in difficult, unexpected circumstances.

    This information is there to help you should you need to make a claim for extenuating circumstance whilst aiming for coursework deadlines, or revising for exams.

    (Please be aware that this process applies to summative assessments only, so those assessments or exams that count towards your overall grade)

    All requests for deferrals, extensions or for extenuating circumstances noted for the assessment board must be submitted by the hand-in date of your assessment or by the day your exam is being sat and must include supporting evidence of your circumstances.  However, if you have experienced personal circumstances that have occurred unexpectedly at the point of submission or day of exam, you have up to 5 days after the exam date or submission date to submit this request.

    Late claims will not be accepted unless there is evidence to show that you were prevented from submitting by the required date, for example being hospitalised for illness, therefore being unable to access resources.

    Any claims that are made after the results are published following the Assessment Board will not be considered and the student will be referred to the Appeals Procedure.

    These are just some of the key points to note, the full policy is available on the link below including a list of FAQs

    FAQs and the links to the forms.

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