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Start Using The New Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder

We will be moving to a new upgraded version of the Kaltura Capture desktop recorder

The upgraded Kaltura Capture desktop recorder has been designed with the user in mind and enables the easy creation of professional and engaging video content such as key concept video’s, narrated presentations as well as audio podcasts.

We wanted to make it easier for you to create engaging video and audio content.

The benefits of using the new Kaltura desktop recorder are:

  • Record with one click
  • Create content offline or on the go, and upload later
  • Capture multi-stream recordings synchronised with PowerPoint
  • Navigate to desired content easily
  • Search through slide text with ease
  • Switch between video streams
  • Support both Windows and Mac

The upgraded Kaltura Capture desktop recorder offers an intuitive user interface and it also helps you develop smarter videos with;

  • automatic slide detection, chaptering and recommended tags
  • annotations (including drawing and arrows) and emphasized mouse clicks
  • in-video quizzes, calls-to-action, editing, and much more.

You can start using the new upgraded capture space recorder from Monday the 18th February 2019.

All staff and students are advised to be mindful of the following key dates:

  • The upgraded Kaltura desktop recorder is available to all staff and students from Monday 18 February 2019
  • The older version and the upgraded version are both available between Monday 18 February to Monday 20 May 2019
  • The older version will be phased out for all staff and students on Monday 20 May 2019

Resources will be available for you on Monday 18 February 2019.

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