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    Visit My Mosque Day

    Over 200 mosques across the UK are getting set to open their doors on Sunday 18 February as part of Visit My Mosque Day 2018

    Visit my mosque dayIslamic Society President, Ayah Benberna, encourages students to take part in 'Visit My Mosque Day.

    Below is a message from Islamic Society President, Ayah Benberna (right), encouraging students to take part in 'Visit My Mosque Day:

    Muslim students at Middlesex University are proud to support this initiative locally, inviting all students and staff to visit our local Mosque, the Islamic Association of North London.

    As part of the visit, there will be an explanation of the basic tenets of Islam, prayer rituals and the influence of faith on our everyday lives, showcasing social action projects such as tackling homelessness and supporting charitable causes locally.

    Giving to charity is one of the five pillars of Islam, and last year British Muslims donated an estimated £100m to charitable causes, during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

    #VisitMyMosque is a national initiative, that started in 2015, and is facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain, the country’s largest umbrella body of mosques and Islamic associations.

    Last year saw over ten thousand visitors nationwide attend a Visit My Mosque open day event, showing great enthusiasm and engagement from both Mosques and their local communities.

    In the current political climate, these building of bridges rather than walls, between communities is more important than ever. Initiatives like these demonstrate how Muslims across the UK are yet again sending a strong message that despite what the headlines say, we are open, engaging in dialogue and positively contributing to British public life

    To find out more on how to participate in this event, please visit UniHub.

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