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    Warning about phishing emails

    Tips to keep your personal details safe and avoid phishing emails

    Due to recent phishing emails sent to many university students and staff, some emails may appear to come from a known person like a tutor or another member of staff.

    Please be extra vigilant when responding to emails that you were not expecting. While we try to block as much spam as possible, as with any email account, some still annoyingly slips through.

    Here are some tips to keep your personal details safe:

    • Hover the cursor over any link embedded in the email to see if the address is valid and do not click unless certain the email is from a trusted source
    • If the sender appears to be asking you to click a link you are uncertain about – call or email them to check before you follow the link
    • If an email links you to a website – think carefully before submitting any personal details or passwords – even if this website looks like one that you’ve used before
    • Please be aware, Middlesex University staff will never ask for your account passwords. If you are ever prompted to supply these details, please delete the email.

    Don’t take the bait – delete the email immediately.

    If you require further assistance, please contact UniHelp

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