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    Tier 4 visa application - new webinars


    The International Student Advice team are excited to announce their first ever series of Tier 4 Visa Application Webinars. Their aim is to ensure you sail smoothly through your Middlesex University journey right from the initial stages. The webinars will help applicants and students prepare by covering these topics:

    1. A brief introduction to the Tier 4 visa
    2. The documents you need for your application
    3. How to prepare for a Credibility Interview
    4. Lastly, how to protect your Tier 4 visa

    Each webinar will be wrapped up with an online Q&A session where you can chat to our friendly expert advisers who can help clear up any doubts and answer questions about your Tier 4 Visa Application.

    When will these webinars take place?

    Starting from Thursday, 3 May at 12noon (UK time) and every Thursday at the same time until 6th September.

    How long are the webinars?

    They last for about 1 hour

    are these webinars?
    You can access the webinar from the following link: http://breeze.mdx.ac.uk/visa/

    How do I take part?
    No need to book just use the link above.  Here’s the participant’s user guide if you need it:

    In the meantime if you have any questions about the webinars contact: intadvice@mdx.ac.uk

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