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    Winter Graduation Ceremonies


    This year, Middlesex University will hold its first ever Winter graduation ceremonies for students.

    The new ceremonies – held in central London – will provide an alternative to the summer graduations for students who receive their degree classifications in between October and December rather than June.

    By offering two graduations a year, we are enabling hundreds of students – including Nursing,  Postgraduate and Research students – to attend their graduation ceremony within a few months of finishing their studies, rather than waiting until the following July.

    The idea was initially raised by a Student Voice Leader at a Boards of Study meeting in 2014. The Adult Nursing student had received significant feedback from fellow nursing students who wanted to attend their graduation ceremony nearer to completion of their course.

    The Students’ Union have championed the idea, with MDXSU Vice President Health & Education and Science & Technology, Orla Hillary, leading on the campaign and working in partnership with the university to establish the Winter ceremonies.

    You can read Orla’s full statement online here.

    Middlesex University hope that the winter graduation dates will prevent problems arising from students negotiating time off from full-time jobs in July, or needing to fly back in for graduation following their visas expiring.

    The first round of winter graduation ceremonies will take place on Wednesday 13th December 2017 at Central Hall Westminster.

    Students who are finishing their studies at Middlesex University between October and December will receive further graduation information this autumn.

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