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    5p Disposable Cup Charge Now In Place

    As of 3 January 2019, if you don't have a reusable cup, 5p will be added to the cost of your drink

    MDX is committed to reducing its waste and helping the environment by encouraging staff and students to use their own reusable cups for their drinks.

    If you don't own a reusable cup, you can buy one  from any Chartwells outlet for a purchase price of £3 - and get your first drink included for free. Every hot drink you buy using your own reusable cup – it doesn’t have to be a Middlesex reusable cup, it can be your favourite mug from home or the office – will save you 20p.

    All income generated by the 5p charge will be used to fund student-led sustainable campus initiatives.

    For more information about Your SUSTAINABLE Campus contact

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