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Adverse Weather Warning

Adverse Weather Warning

The safety and welfare of staff, students, contractors and visitors are a priority at all times but particularly during times of adverse weather.

Salt and grit will be applied to the main pedestrian and vehicle routes in anticipation of ice or snow in an attempt to prevent it forming and accumulating.

Accumulated snow will be cleared from priority areas when reasonably practicable and this will usually take place during normal working hours. However, progress will be affected by the severity of the environmental conditions

It is expected that staff, students, contractors and visitors will take due care for their own safety in adverse conditions. The wearing of suitable footwear and clothing being an obvious precaution. Please remember that the footwear worn when driving may not be suitable for walking in freezing and wet conditions.

During adverse weather the conditions can change rapidly and all persons are advised to be aware of their own safety, to take a common sense approach to the conditions and not to take avoidable risks.

Please check UniHub for any further updates on weather conditions.

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