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Are you the next CEO of the future?

We’re giving you the opportunity of a lifetime to follow in the footsteps of a CEO.

CEOX1day has come to #teammdx with a chance for all our students to spend a full day shadowing a CEO from a top brand.
You’ll  learn about a CEOs background, career path, and how they create value in their organization. Get a tour around the company’s headquarters and site facilities and attend meetings with their leadership team.
Each CEOx1Day experience is unique to the participating organisation, which ensures an even more meaningful and memorable experience for you and the CEO.

  • If you see yourself as a leader. Even the application process will help you develop your skills.
  • Gain key experience in a relevant industry.
  • Up close and personal with top brands such as ASOS, BT and Sainsbury’s
  • Shadow a CEO and gain one on one time with them.
  • Receive a personalised report from providing feedback on aspects of leadership
  • Strengthen presentation and interview skills
  • Learn about the responsibility and complexities required to lead some of Britain’s leading business and organisations.

How can you apply

Stage 1

  • Tell us what your thoughts on leadership are in 500 words
  • Attach your cv
  • Apply before the deadline – Jan 6th 2020

Stage 2

If you get to this next stage. There will be an online leadership assessment. This will profile your skills, competencies and leadership potential.

Stage 3

Assessment day for semi-finalists on the 17th or 18th of March 2020

  • one-on-one interview
  • a group activity and discussion
  • Great networking

A little bit about CEOx1 day

CEOx1 day is a global event, connecting 350 CEOs from worldwide leading brands to the best talent from the best schools.

It’s important that we bridge the pay gap, increase mobility for all and increase diversity and inclusivity. These values are key to ceox1 day who are partnering with a wide range of charities.

Business leaders from ethnic minorities and with a disability taking part include Javed Khan, CEO of Barnardo’s, Pam Maynard, CEO of Avanade, a leading digital innovator, and Neil Heslop, CEO of Leonard Cheshire, who lost his sight when young.

“I am delighted to lend my support to initiatives like CEOx1Day, which I hope will help boardrooms represent the diversity of the modern world. We need more disabled leaders and there are still too many barriers preventing disabled people from rising to the most senior positions.” – Neil Heslop

Who else have they partnered with?

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