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    Bid submissions now open to fund your sustainable idea on campus

    Calling all environmental entrepreneurs - submit your ideas using the form below

    Got an exciting idea for a project, initiative or activity that would make the campus even more sustainable?  We have £1,000 – collected through the new 5p charge on disposable cups on campus – that might just make that idea a reality.  Use this form to submit your idea, give as much detail and evidence as you can – and your bid may be successful. You are also welcome to suggest more than one idea. Your idea must promote at least one of the Middlesex University sustainability objectives:

    • Reduce energy consumption
    • Reduce water consumption
    • Encourage recycling
    • Reduce travel related carbon emissions
    • Enhance biodiversity across campus
    • Reduce the environmental impact of our campus development projects

    Deadline: 31 March

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