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Crowdfunding Workshop - 28 Nov

£13,000 available for selected student campaign featured on MDXCrowdfund

Do you have a bright idea for a project but need funding to bring it to life? Have you considered crowdfunding as a way to raise the necessary funds? Would you like to receive £520 of matchfunding towards your project thanks to Santander?

If you have answered yes to the above, then this exclusive opportunity may just be for you!

Thanks to the generosity of Santander, the MDXCrowdfund team has a matchfunding pot of £13,000 to invest into a total of 25 student crowdfunding campaigns featured on MDXCrowdfund by the end of July 2019!

How can I get matchfunding?

Typically we will ask you to raise £520 and then if your campaign is selected for matchfunding, put in £520 of the money given by Santander to ‘match’ what you have raised. Each situation is different though, so we will be asking all student crowdfunders interested in receiving matchfunding to submit a draft project on MDXCrowdfund, along with a matchfunding application form. You can find out more here.

While not every student project will be selected for matchfunding, the sooner you get your project up and running, the greater the likelihood of receiving some support as our matchfunding pot will be bigger! Regardless of whether you are selected or not, crowdfunding on MDXCrowdfund still offers a great way to raise funds. Last year alone, students raised over £60,000 collectively and the largest amount raised by a single student was £10,000. On average, students raise around £1,600.

What can I crowdfund for?

Your campaign could focus on virtually anything – a business venture, a creative project, a personal challenge, an upcoming event or show, competition entry fees, equipment for a society or club, or even potentially a course-related project. The possibilities are endless!

Join our crowdfunding workshop on 28th November 2019

On 28th November 2019, we will be holding a drop in crowdfunding workshop for anybody interested in learning a bit more about crowdfunding and the matchfunding available. Join us at 2pm in CG84 (College Building) then.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about raising funds through MDXCrowdfund or have any questions about the exclusive Santander matchfunding opportunity, why not email the MDXCrowdfund Team or click here to check out live or previously successful campaigns featured on the platform.

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