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Increase in student accounts being compromised

MDX students being targeted by phishing and scam attempts

We have seen a recent rise in the number of student accounts being compromised by scammers in recent weeks.

You are encouraged to be vigilant for possible phishing / scam attempts.

Never provide any of the following information in response to emails you receive:

  • Your password
  • Banking details or
  • Debit/credit card details

    If you have already provided your passwords or banking details then you should immediately change these passwords and contact your bank / building society to let them know.

Tops tips to protect yourself online:

  1. Delete any emails that you suspect are spam
  2. Be careful when clicking on links in emails
  3. Be careful when visiting other websites and only provide personal data like usernames and passwords if you're absolutely sure the provider is who they say they are
  4. Make sure you keep your software and devices up to date.

As always you can contact UniHelp if you have any questions or issues that you want support with.

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