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Issues With MDXapp Timetable

If you are experiencing issues with viewing your timetable on the MDXapp please follow these steps

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to view their timetable on the MDXapp.  These are:

  • You are a new student who hasn't enrollled yet
  • You are a returning student with a Grade or Registration Hold on your account
  • Your programme uses a specialist teaching space  e.g. Some Art & Design, Education, Nursing, Music, Theatre Arts & Dance students.
  • Your timetable sessions may not yet have been finalised
  • You are a research degree students (no timetable appears within myUniHub or on MDXapp for research degree students)

In the event that these do not apply and you still cannot see your timetable, try the following steps:

1. Refresh timetable in app (this can be forced by pulling down to refresh in the timetable screen, or by clicking on the refresh icon in the bottom left hand side of the attendance check-in home-screen.)

2. Logout + login again

3. Check Google Play/Apple stores to see if most recent version of app is installed (it may be worth detailing what version they should have September 2019 or later)

4. Uninstall + reinstall app

If you still are having issues, please contact UniHelp.

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