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New Student Attendance system being launched

You will soon be able to check-in to your classes via MDXapp or on desktop

From September 2019, we will be moving away from paper registers circulated at the start of teaching sessions. Instead, you’ll be easily able to register your attendance in each class by checking-in via MDXapp or myUniHub, ensuring your attendance is recorded in a much more accurate way.

The new system also means you'll receive automated alerts, reminding you which timetabled sessions are coming up and where they are taking place.

Additionally, if your attendance falls below or above a certain level, you'll be notified via a push notification or email. These will make sure that you have access to the support services that you may require if you are struggling, and/or congratulate you if your attendance is high.

The new tile in the app will look like this:

Further information - including how to use the new system and a full list of FAQs - can be found on the Attendance page

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