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Online module registration is now open

Students who are eligible to select optional modules for the next academic year have now been emailed about how to register.

Students continuing their studies at Middlesex in the 2019/20 academic year (non-finalists) are eligible to select which optional modules you would like to study.

Optional modules give you the opportunity to focus your degree on the subject areas you are most interested in or are hoping to get into following your graduation. It is important that you select your optional modules as early as possible as class sizes are limited and modules can reach their capacity quickly.

Selecting optional modules is compulsory, as you need to complete the required number of credits as specified in your programme handbook in order to graduate.

You can register for your optional modules now through myUniHub

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I find information about my optional modules? - Module descriptions can aid you in choosing your optional modules as they include the aims, learning outcomes, syllabus, reading lists and assessment components of each module. Module descriptions are available for you to view within your programme handbook; this can be found within your programme area of MyLearning within MyUniHub. They can be found towards the end of the handbook. Module descriptions can also be searched and viewed via MyUniHub.
  • Who can I discuss my choices with? - If you would like to discuss the academic content of a module before making your decision, you should direct this towards the module leader of the module you are considering (indicated within your programme handbook). Module leaders and their contact details are also noted within programme handbooks, available via your programme area of MyLearning within MyUniHub.
  • What do I do if I want to do a placement next year? - You should select your options and tick the box at the bottom of the form to indicate that you are interested in doing a placement. You will be contacted by the Employability team to discuss you request. If you do not obtain a placement the modules you select will be on your record for next academic year.
  • What if my programme has no optional modules? - Some programmes do not offer any optional modules and therefore students on these programmes are not required to engage in this process. You can see if your programme offers optional modules by consulting your programme handbook. Programme handbooks are available via the programme area of your MyLearning pages within MyUniHub.
  • Do all students need to complete the optional module form? - If you are a part-time, direct entry student or currently undertaking a placement year, you will not be able to complete the online form. If you are part time or a direct entry student you will be sent an e-mail separately from the Departmental Administration Team, outlining your module registration options and how to select them. If you are currently undertaking a placement year your module choices made last year will have been registered. Final-year students do not need to register for any optional modules
  • How do I know when my choices have been registered? - You will be informed via email once the module(s) you have selected have been registered on your profile.
  • What do I do if the online form isn't working for me? - For any technical issues on completing the online form or other queries relating to your programme, please submit an online query.
  • What happens if I have chosen my options but now want to change my mind? - You can submit another form, in the same way as you did the first time, and your record will be amended.

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