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Please treat staff and your fellow students with respect at all times

Acting kindly towards all members of the #TeamMDX community

We have a lot of people across different teams – from technicians to security to welfare - that work hard to make you feel safe and supported across campus, day or night, whatever the time or circumstance. These staff work tirelessly to cater for your needs. It is therefore crucial that you’re always treating them with respect and politeness when you interact with them.

We’ve had reports of some students and guests of students acting in an anti-social, rude manner, particularly in the evenings, and staff coming away feeling uncomfortable and disrespected. This is simply not acceptable, and extremely disappointing.

Being a member of #TeamMDX means we are all expected to treat each other with fairness and respect. No exceptions. This also means that when bringing guests onto campus, it is your responsibility to ensure they act in the same way.

Please be kind to all staff  and your fellow students– remembering that offensive or intimidating behaviour won’t be tolerated. Equally, if you see anyone acting this way, please let the Security team know.

Together, we can continue to ensure MDX is a place where everyone feels safe and happy to study, teach, or work.

Thank you.

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