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MDXworks are back, with exciting new initiatives and ways to support you throughout the year

What do we do?

Our aim is to support you in preparing for a world of exciting opportunities when you graduate. To ensure that you can confidently step into the next chapter of your career journey - able to fully articulate and evidence your true value and worth to future employers.

How do we do it?

We offer tailored support, advice and guidance - working with students to identify your aspirations; your strengths and potential, your lived experiences, talents and passions. We offer  a menu of co-curricular and work-related activities that develop and nurture the new skills for your future.

What's new?

We have a range of exciting, new initiatives that you can get involved with...

    • Emerging Professional Programme: a flexible, extra-curricular suite of interactive online and face-to-face activities that develops both personal and professional skills and attributes sought by employers. There are three strands, each aimed at a specific year of study. First year: supporting you to research, identify and unpack career opportunities available that match their subject of study and personal interests – enabling you at this early stage of your studies to gain invaluable insight into the wider range of career options available with their degree. Second year: developing awareness of the various networking opportunities across specific sectors and how these can be accessed to enhance their employer networks, potential opportunities or to simply meet new people. Students will be supported in developing their networking skills and etiquette and their confidence in articulation of skills, experience and aspirations. Students can complete their programme wholly online, but for those who recognise the additional benefits of face-to-face support, there are a number of optional offline components, including workshops and 1:1 coaching and development – with emphasis on the reflection and articulation of skills and experiences. Upon completion, students will receive a digital certificate referencing the skills and experience gained through the Emerging Professional Programme.
    • MDXcelerator: offering you the opportunity to engage in a progressive pathway of support and resources towards successful launch of their business – but where the key focus is on the student experience within the programme. Supported by an online toolkit with resources from across sectors to guide and inform you of the process of starting a business, and development opportunities to get business-ready with modules on Lean Canvas and start-up Pitch Decks. In addition, MDXcelerator will also offer mentoring, workshops and opportunities to pitch for seed funding via ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitching events. Express your interest here
    • SLA Get Involved: Piloted in 2018, this project is a collaborative offer between Student Learning Assistants (SLA’s) and the Employability team. Focusing on first year students, SLA Get Involved is a programme of one off workshops co-delivered by SLA’s and MDXworks to engage, inspire and motivate new MDX students to take part in as many opportunities as possible to shape their extra-curricular CV. SLA’s share personal stories and examples of how through being part of wider opportunities offered across the University and in the local communities, their careers have been shaped and boosted, and they offer tips and encouragement to students to make the most of their time through making the most of MDX’s activities and engagement opportunities.
    • MyMentor: This pilot will initially be available to a cohort of around 50-100 students, and will bring together MDX Alumni and external partners working across various sectors and industries, and students with relevant interests and goals in their fields. Designed to facilitated a mentoring relationship, MyMentor aims to celebrate the achievements and successes of our great many extraordinary alumni, and create opportunities for current students to learn from and develop with them.

    • MDXc.e.l: This collaborative experiential learning initiative offers students the opportunity to work on real client-driven projects, in cross-Faculty, trans-disciplinary project teams that nurture key employability skills including teamwork, leadership, cultural co-working, problem solving and presentation skills – real clients; real projects; real solutions; real learning. MDXcel also supports the development of long term partnerships with external businesses and organisations via these short risk-averse project collaborations.

Where can you find us?

We sit in the College Building, in room CG07. We're available 10am - 5pm, pop in and say hi!

Book an appointment with your Faculty Employability Adviser at www.mdxworks.com

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