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Update to MDXapp on Monday 16th


On Monday 16 December 2019, the University will be working to implement key updates to MDXapp. This will make MDXapp more secure and will allow some features within the App to be updated and improved.

As a result, the app will be unavailable from 9am-5pm on that day.

Once the update has completed, you will need to logout and log back in to the new student profile on the app.

When you log back in, you will need to use your full university email address as opposed to your student ID. A user guide with screenshots has been produced to show you these steps.

One improvement you'll notice once you've logged back in to the new profile is that you'll be able to access the Outlook app which has enhanced features and functionality around sending and receiving emails than the current email tile.

If there are features that are still not working for you after the 16 December, then you’ll need to contact UniHelp.

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