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Vigil to honour the victims of the Christchurch Mosque terror attack

To honour the victims of the New Zealand Christchurch Mosque terror attack, the University, MDXSU and the MDX Islamic Society will be hosting a vigil and open prayer on Friday 5 April

As a University community, we are proud to be global in our outlook and inclusive at our core. It is the diversity that our students and staff bring that enriches our community and makes #TeamMDX so strong.

Whether you are Muslim, of a different faith or have no faith, everyone is welcome to join us.

The event will start in the Quad at 12:30 with a vigil. Speeches from the Vice-Chancellor, MDXSU President and a representative from the MDX Isoc will take place at 12:45.

Following this, all are welcome to take part in an Open Friday Prayer from 13:15 – 14:00 at the courtyard outside MDX House. The MDX Islamic Society leader will give a speech to the congregation, followed by a short ritual prayer.

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