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    Sign up for the Big White Wall today!

    Sign up for the Big White Wall today!

    Sign up today for free access to the Big White Wall; a well-established online platform that gives you the opportunity to connect emotionally and anonymously with others, in a safe forum with 24/7 moderation by trained professionals.

    Accessible any time of the day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Big White Wall has a range of resources and programmes to enable you to express yourself in any way you choose – for example,  through art and/or music therapy, self-help materials to explore your feelings and improve your own wellbeing, or simply to get things off your chest in a safe online space.

    Whether you are thriving, surviving, or striving, there is something for every member of the #TeamMDX community. Here are just some of the opportunities and highlights that you can tap into straight away:

    • Sign up to a wide range of self-guided group and individual courses covering mental health and lifestyle topics
    • To support your wellbeing if you are waiting for support from other services, such as the University’s Counselling and Mental Health Service or NHS services
    • Express your feelings by creating a Brick using words, pictures, and images to add to the community wall
    • Explore the library of useful articles and resources, plus helpful tests and features to set goals and track your progress

    To get the most out this platform, we’d also encourage you to use this platform alongside the Fika app – whereas Big White Wall can be used as ‘deeper dive’  to expressing and exploring your emotions, Fika is about accessing daily 5-10 minute workouts on topics such as employability, motivation, resilience, confidence and life ‘hacks’.

    Accessing Big White Wall is easy: simply go to and use your university email address to sign up. The platform has supported 190,000+ people so far, and is now there to support you. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when we face uncertainty around our health and lifestyle, but Big White Wall allows you to share these feelings with others, to get support and feel better.

    Got any questions about BWW? Email Vanessa on

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