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    Download Fika app for Blue Monday

    Exercise keeps us physically fit, but what about our Emotional Fitness?

    In preparation for Blue Monday on 20th January (supposedly the year’s most depressing day!), why not explore Fika, the emotional fitness app, which is free exclusively for MDX students.

    ‘Fika’ is a Swedish tradition, state of mind and part of day to day culture in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries (similar to ‘hygge’). It’s also now part of cultural language – “to Fika” means taking a moment to reflect and relax, usually over a cup of coffee and slice of cake with friends and family.

    Fika is looking to bring this slice of Swedish culture and apply the concept of ‘taking a moment for oneself’ to emotional fitness, by providing daily 5 minute exercises to keep you well. In the same way that you can become healthier by keeping physically fit, you can work on your resilience, adaptability, focus and empathy through exercising your emotional fitness. With a specific focus package starting next week on beating the January blues, it’s the ideal time to explore Fika.

    Fika are now also working closely with professional athletes who have recorded their stories in the app! Check out Christine Ohurougu's (one of Britain's most successful track and field athletes and Olympic gold medallist) story about the importance of reaching out for support.

    Fika will have a presence at the Wellbeing Festival next Thursday 16th January in The Quad to explain the premise, give a free taster of the Fika state of mind, how to become a Fika role model and to answer any questions.

    How do I download Fika?

    1. Download Fika app
    2. Register with any email address
    3. Validate email address
    4. Select ‘any premium content’ and unlock with your MDX email address
    5. Enjoy Fika!

    You can find out more about student wellbeing here.

    #WellbeingMDX #TeamMDX

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